£119m deal for Welsh budget plans

Health, colleges, councils and the Welsh language are to receive extra funding after Plaid Cymru revealed it had agreed a £119 million deal to back Labour's budget plans.

Party leader Leanne Wood told BBC Wales that a deal had been done, with Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford saying the agreement will give a ‘kick start’ to key priorities, in what he deemed as a ‘milestone in the maturity of Welsh politics’.

With no majority, the Welsh Government needs some opposition support to get its £15 billion spending plans passed.

The funding for health includes cash to boost medical training, mental health and new diagnostic equipment, while the Welsh party have also announced that nominal cuts planned for local councils - who shared a two per cent budget reduction last year - have been cancelled.

Adam Price, Plaid's Cymru’s Shadow Finance Secretary, said: “In this budget deal, we have secured the biggest one-year budget settlement in the history of the National Assembly. This is a £119 million package that will deliver and progress many of Plaid Cymru's manifesto commitments.”