Oxfordshire County Council sign up to the Low Carbon Oxford Charter

The Deputy Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, David Robertson, has added his name to the Low Carbon Oxford Charter.

The charter commits the partners to collaborate on ways to reduce carbon emissions, tackle climate change and manage constraints on global resources in the coming years, and has also seen representatives of key organisations including Oxford City Council and Oxford's two universities add their names to the charter.

Other organisations supporting the scheme include major businesses in the city like Unipart and Stagecoach, and well known brands like Marks and Spencer.

Each organisation has committed to collaborating to reduce their carbon footprints across sites and operations in Oxford city by a minimum of 3 per cent average, every year, for at least the next ten years and collaborating on creating more green jobs, increasing prosperity and opportunity for all.

 Also, creating a low carbon, sustainable economy in the Oxford area which will be an example to cities across the country, supporting a programme of best practice, sharing and piloting sustainable innovations and reporting each year on the progress being made.

The partners are now calling on all Oxford-based communities, organisations and businesses to sign up to the charter to help put the vision of a low carbon, sustainable Oxford into practice.

The charter was launched by the Oxford Strategic Partnership.

Robertson said: "We at Oxfordshire County Council are very excited to be part of this new venture which will allow us to collaborate with our partners in new ways to move towards a low carbon, sustainable economy with more green jobs in the Oxford area."

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