Over 80s abandoned by social care system, Age UK reports

Age UK has called on political parties to put social care at the heart of their election manifestos as research has revealed that a third of over 80s are receiving inadequate care and support.

Age UK conducted research into the UK’s social care system, paying particular focus to the number of older people who do not get the help they need with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Figures show there are around 2,622,000 people over 80 living in England and almost a million have at least one ADL, while thousands are affected by several different ADLs. Analysis by the charity indicated more than half of those with three or more ADLs have been worst affected by the gap in availability of adequate social care.

Of the 926,000 over 80s with at least one Activity of Daily Living: 53 per cent get no assistance at all; of those who do get help, for 70 per cent it does not fully meet their needs; and 794,000 do not receive any help or receive support that does not always meet their needs.

Of the 260,000 people over 80 with three or more Activities of Daily Living: 33 per cent are not receiving any help; and 56 per cent have unmet needs due to not receiving enough help

As the 2017 General Election approaches on 8 June, Age UK has urged the next government to ensure that older people receive dignified care at home, in hospital and in care homes.