Reigate car park to reduce power usage by 65 per cent

Clarendon Road car park is to reduce its power usage by 65 per cent by using low energy saving, energy efficient lights.

Old fluorescent lighting tubes will be replaced with the new lights, which will give out a whiter, brighter light.

The project is expected to reduce the car park’s power usage by 65 per cent, which will provide a major financial saving for the council on an annual basis as well as reducing the Council’s carbon footprint.

Claredon Road car park is the second of the Council’s car parks to have had new energy saving lights installed, after Bancroft Road car park in Reigate.

Other measures being taken to reduce the Council’s energy use include more efficient recycling collection rounds, installation of a wood fuel boiler in the new Horley Leisure Centre, tighter controls on heating in Council premises and upgrading of various equipment to more energy efficient models as old versions wear out.

Cllr Julian Ellacott, Redhill Councillor and Executive Member for Environment, said: "This project forms part of the Council’s Sustainable Energy Strategy through which we will reduce our energy usage by nearly a third in the next few years."

"We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, but also make sure that the energy saving measures we take are fully justified on a financial basis as well."

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