Scottish Border Council to deliver super-fast broadband

The Scottish Borders Council has said that work is undergoing to deliver super-fast broadband to homes in the areas, which are currently missing out on the service.

Stewart Bell, a counsellor for the local authority, confirmed that by the end of the latest rollout, 94 per cent of homes in the area will have access to super fast broadband, and that a range of groups were currently working to deliver services to homes which have limited access.

Commenting on the delivery, Bell said: “Over very long distances the speeds run down a bit and therefore there are some premises that are very distant from cabinets that won't see a significant improvement in services.

"The target for this superfast scheme which will be fully operational between 2017 and 2018 is to get 94 per cent of premises in the Borders connected.

"The remaining six per cent is something that is being considered by Digital Scotland and Community Broadband Scotland in co-operation with local authorities to see if we can come up with customised local solutions."