Leicester City Council signs new software agreement to transform operations

Leicester City Council, has partnered with enterprise software provider TechnologyOne to modernise IT and transform business operations.
Over the next 12 months the UK’s tenth largest council will implement the OneCouncil Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to replace its existing solution.
With 2,500 cost centres, 57,000 customer accounts, 12,500 product records and 132,000 invoices generated annually, it is hoped the agreement will provide the authority with a robust yet agile enterprise solution that is both scalable and flexible to suit its business needs, enabling users to access real-time relevant information anywhere, anytime on any device.
TechnologyOne will deliver on the authority’s three key goals for transformation – bringing technology up to date to improve services; rationalising and standardising business processes to reduce duplication; and simplifying to make the end-user experience more intuitive. It will also enable Leicester City Council to reduce its IT footprint, with reduced servers and less dedicated resources, via a modern enterprise SaaS solution.
TechnologyOne will enable Leicester City Council to effectively manage contracts and projects and the associated budgets intelligently. The solution will also integrate with the council’s other IT systems, such as its human resources and payroll solution, enabling the team to collect data from multiple sources and improve the method by which this is carried out.

Scott Lewis, transformation and service improvement manager at Leicester City Council said: “In advance of the current contract reaching expiration, we approached the market to find a solution that best fit our requirements. To move with the times and truly modernise the way we work at Leicester City Council was one of the key principles we were working to, whilst still requiring a proven solution offering largely out of the box functionality, with configuration rather than customisation.”
“TechnologyOne’s SaaS was the most economic and advantageous tenderer through the procurement process with their modern enterprise approach. With shared business philosophies and a common vision, we also felt that TechnologyOne offered the best fit for us culturally, and demonstrated the potential to help us to achieve our long-term transformation goals, and we now look forward to the next phases of the project to provide the best and most efficient solution for our staff.”