Northampton CC staff raise concern over overcrowded working conditions

Staff at Northampton County Council have said they are having to work in ‘overcrowded’ conditions due to delays moving into a new head office.

The council’s new Angel Square complex was due to be completed in October with all staff moved in by the end of 2016. The council then said staff will start moving into Angel Square in Northampton in the last two weeks of April, but the move is not set to be completed until May.

Many workers have already had to move out of the current HQ and into other offices around the county while the new building is completed, while others have been advised to work in public spaces such as libraries, prompting concern over confidentiality risks.

Unison said the delays were causing ‘high levels of anxiety and stress’ with some people working two to a desk, while boxes lying around the present offices were creating health and safety concerns and accessibility difficulties, particularly for disabled staff.

A spokesman for the local authority has maintained that moving more than 2,000 staff out of 12 buildings into the new building ‘is no easy task’.