LGA calls for crackdown on illegal tattooists

The Local Government Association (LGA) has called for tougher action on illegal tattooists who offer cheap prices in order to offer their services to young people under the age of 18.

It warned that unlicensed tattoos often work in unsterilised studios, using cheap equipment bought online.

Current regulation state it is illegal to work as a tattooists without registering with the local council, however some unlicensed tattooists have been know to work from home in kitchens or garden sheds and advertise their services on social media.

Councillor Morris Bright, LGA Board member, warned: “Unlicensed tattooists can use unsterilised equipment that seriously increases the risk of spreading diseases such as hepatitis or HIV and causing permanent, ugly scarring.

"Unregulated tattooists are also associated with bad tattoos, which require expensive work to put right, and because they've been done illegally, you won't have normal customers' rights.

"We would also encourage anyone who has visited an unregistered tattooist to seek medical advice from their GP and report the parlour to their local authority."

According to a survey by You Gov, around 20 per cent of British adults have had a tattoo.