IPPR raises concern over health devolution

A report by think-tank IPPR has argued that the devolution of health will not succeed unless Westminster relinquishes some control.

The think-tank argued that while health devolution could indeed drive forward integration between health and social care, the process would fail to delver on its potential as long as the government holds control.

The report advised that a ‘more holistic devolution package’ should be created, and that mayors and town halls should be given powers over criminal justice and welfare.

The IPPR study concluded: “Rather than simplifying the post-Lansley landscape, devo-health in Manchester has so far just created a new level of bureaucracy.

“Rhetoric appears to be running ahead of reality, given that history shows structural changes rarely deliver in terms of efficiency or heath outcomes.

“There are very real concerns that devo-health will ultimately lead to finger-pointing between central and local government as the next round of public sector cuts hit.”