Derbyshire County Council opposes Sheffield shared services proposal

Derbyshire County Council has said it will challenge the plans to allow a Sheffield regional mayor to oversee some services in Chesterfield.

The Sheffield City Region’s new mayor is due to be elected in 2017 and will take responsibility for major roads, public transport, skills for employment and major planning and investment projects.

Anne Western, Derbyshire County Council leader, said: "Chesterfield is Derbyshire's biggest town, most people who live there also work in Derbyshire and they don't want to become a suburb of Sheffield − which is effectively what will happen if these plans go ahead.

"We need to act now and send out a strong message to help put a stop to these proposals or risk Chesterfield spending the next 30 years living in South Yorkshire's shadow."

"I know we'll be criticised for taking this action by some who claim it's not the best use of money.

"But the fact is that if Chesterfield becomes a full member of Sheffield City Region it will undoubtedly be at a huge financial cost to Derbyshire County Council."

A spokesman for Sheffield City Region has urged residents to take part in its consultation into the proposals.