£60 million investment for rural Scotland through Rural Priorities projects

Rural Priorities has approved a number of projects in a £60 million investment for Rural Scotland.

The projects will see 530 jobs created and 430 jobs sustained.

Around 4,500 projects have now been approved through the scheme, with eco-friendly tourist accommodation at Ballantrae, Ayrshire, a poultry farm near Peebles and a waste business near Greenock among the latest.

This is the seventh round of approvals from the Rural Priorities scheme, and £330 million has now been approved.

The grants provide both environmental and business support, with some paid over the course of several years to ensure the habitats are properly maintained.

A further 58 cases to be funded by approximately £9 million have been approved in principle and are undergoing final eligibility checks.

Rural Secretary Richard Lochhead said: "This is another major investment in rural Scotland that will lead to the creation of new businesses, new community facilities and a range of environmental projects."

"Rural Priorities alone has now approved around £330 million which will also develop our rural communities, protect Scotland's natural environment and combat climate change."

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