Care providers call for Green Paper to be scrapped

Care providers are claiming that the government should scrap the long-delayed Green Paper on care and take immediate action instead.

The Independent Care Group has stated that it has taken too long to bring the paper forward and the 1.4 million people currently living without the care they need cannot wait and need action now. The call follows a release which found that dementia sufferers have spent almost £15 billion paying for their own care since plans for a Green Paper were announced two years ago.

Mike Padgham, chair of the group, said: "The moment has passed and it is simply too late now to introduce a Green Paper. Everyone is agreed that we need to take urgent action to help those who need care and those 1.4 million people cannot wait for the endless debates, consultations and discussion that would doubtless follow the introduction of a Green Paper. We need to take action now and have the discussions and make changes as we go along, not wait any longer."

The House of Lord Economic Affairs Committee last week called on the government to spend £8 billion to restore social care to acceptable standards and then introduce a system within five years to allow people to get their social care for free.

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