Public to suggest ideas on getting the most out of public services

The public are being asked to submit ideas during July and August on how to get more for less from our public services.

The new Spending Challenge Public engagement website is now open for people to submit their ideas, as the government believes that the people who use our schools, hospitals, transport systems and other public services are the best people to comment on how to get more out of our services.

The government believes urgent action is needed to tackle the deficit and last month’s Emergency Budget set out a plan to balance the books by 2014-15, including substantial reductions in public spending.

In just two weeks, workers who deliver our public services have sent in more than 60,000 suggestions.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and other Ministers will be taking part in seminars and visits across the country and will listen to the public’s ideas in person and seeking views on how public spending should be cut, while protecting the vulnerable in our society.

Osborne said: "I’m asking everyone across the country to send in their ideas. "We need to tackle this huge national debt and make our economy stronger, and it’s your ideas that will help us do that by improving public services and spending money."

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