Cardiff Council planning £17m in cuts for 2017-18

Cardiff Council has announced it is planning cuts to generate £17 million in savings as part of a wider measure to raise £25 million to balance its books.

The council is considering a series of measures, including moves to raise council tax by 3.7 per cent and making cuts of £17 million; charges for burials rising by £30 and cremations by £10; charges for births, deaths and marriages increasing by 4-5 per cent; school meals going up by 10p a day; and completing the transfer of leisure centres to a new operator.

Other proposals include cutting £1.5 million from reserves, £1.9 million from school budgets and £4.4 million from the planned increased in council tax would help make up the shortfall.

Councillor Graham Hinchey cabinet member for corporate services and performance, said: "The provisional settlement from Welsh Government is slightly more favourable than we bargained for.

"However, it is still a cut in real terms because of price and pay inflation."

Residents have been asked to share their views on the proposals in a consultation, which will run from 10 November to 11 December.