Ministers urge businesses to tackle bureaucracy and red tape

Ministers have called on businesses to help tackle employment related law, bureaucracy and red tape.

In the latest phase of the Employment Law Review, the Red Tape Challenge will focus on more than 160 different cross-Government employment related regulations that businesses have to deal with in all areas of the workplace.

The campaign asks for a variety of suggestions about how regulations can be improved, simplified or even abolished, whilst also ensuring that the current standard of employment rights for employees are maintained.

Examples of regulations Government is seeking views on include the rules on collective redundancies, employment agencies, immigration checks, the National Minimum Wage and statutory sick pay, to make sure they are fit for purpose and easier for businesses to understand.

The Government will publish the results of the employment related law Red Tape Challenge theme later this year.

Employment Relations Minister Edward Davey said: “We often hear from businesses that employment related regulation holds them back from growing their firms and employing more people."

"Whether it is the filling out of endless forms when you hire your first member of staff, the complexities of letting somebody go, or simply manage staff on a day-to-day basis, we want to review these regulations with the aim of giving business more confidence in employing people and creating more jobs."

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