Nottingham Council calls for ban on EDL march

Nottingham City Council is considering a proposal to ban a march by the English Defence League (EDL), following concerns the march could pose risks to ‘children and families in the city centre’.

The march is due to take place on Sat 6 August and will end at the city’s Market Square where a temporary beach is located. While police have said the march cannot be stopped, they maintained that officers were constantly reviewing the situation.

Dave Trimble, Nottingham city councillor, commented: "Surely the safety of Nottingham citizens, particularly where young children are involved, has to come first?"

Ch Supt Ian Howick, from Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Since being notified of the group's intentions, we have committed significant resources to ensure that we can meet both obligations and are taking all available steps to minimise the disruption caused to all those affected.

"Having reviewed all available information, intelligence and human rights obligations, the specific conditions required to prevent a planned procession from taking place have not been met.

"However, the situation remains under constant review and, should this change, we have the necessary legislation in place to continue to keep Nottinghamshire safe."

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