Wandsworth and Richmond councils to share workforce

Wandsworth and Richmond councils are set to enforce plans which involve sharing a workforce in a bid to generate £10 million in savings per year.

The two south west boroughs will be jointly employed by both authorities and managed by a single chief executive.

The local authorities will continue to be separate sovereign bodies with their own elected councillors, cabinets and leaders and policy priorities.

The government has backed the workforce plan with £3 million from its Transformation Challenge Awards which supports innovations aimed at improving and protecting public services and reducing costs.

Paul Martin, the new joint chief executive, commented: “This joint workforce will enable us to preserve the unique identity and values of each council while eliminating duplication in how services are managed and run across the two boroughs.

“Collectively we are now the largest staff group in London local government, and as such will be able to retain quality, specialisms and expertise which are more sustainable in a larger organisation.”