18-24s would prefer online voting in elections, survey finds

A new survey by technology and transformation company Squiz has suggested that over half of young people believe they would be more likely to vote in future elections if they could do so online.

53 per cent of 18-24 year-olds confirmed they would be more likely to take part in democratic processes if they could do so via phone, tablet or computer. In comparison, just seven per cent of respondents said that voting digitally would not make them likely to partake in democratic decisions.

Stephen Morgan, co-founder of Squiz, said: “Millennials are digital natives, raised on a diet of devices and apps; so it’s no surprise that they would be more inclined to vote if they could do so digitally. They are accustomed to using technology for communication every day and for everything.

“As opposed to the 32 per cent of the general UK population that would be more likely to vote if they could do so digitally, the government must realise the importance of digital to young people.”

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