Starmer calls for immediate lockdown in England

Labour leader Keir Starmer has urged the Prime Minister to impose a new national lockdown in England within the next 24 hours to tackle the ‘out of control’ coronavirus.

Following interviews in which Boris Johnson conceded that current restrictions would likely need to be strengthened, Starmer said that immediate action must be taken and warned the Prime Minister not to hint as further restrictions and then delay - a tactic he said has been ‘the source of so many problems’.

The latest coronavirus death figures indicate that the UK has now surpassed 75,000 deaths, with government figures also showing a sixth day in a row where daily coronavirus infections were above 50,000.

Approximately eight in 10 people in England are already under tier 4 measures, which include the closure of non-essential shops and strict one-to-one outdoor meeting limits between households, but Johnson, as well as Health Secretary Matt Hancock, has now suggested stricter restrictions could be introduced.