Young people support renewable energy, research shows

Research published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change's Youth Advisory Panel has shown that 94 per cent of young people say offshore wind is the 'fairest' energy technology.

81 per cent stated onshore wind, 94 per cent support solar energy and 2.2 per cent support coal energy.

The report was drafted by young people aged between 16 and 25 who visited power stations, nuclear plants and projects promoting renewable energy sources to investigate the issues at first hand and met with experts, industry, pressure groups and innovators, to look at how we keep the lights on in 2050 while reducing carbon emissions.

The report calls for greater youth consultation on energy and climate change policy and for young people to get involved.

The report states that while it is important that there is enough energy to go around, it would be irresponsible to only focus on providing energy to keep living the same way as we are now.

Above all, the report calls for a fair deal for young people in the decision-making process, work to ensure that government does not lock young and future generations into ecological debt and continued engagement in dialogue with the youth constituency and stakeholdership to ensure that the youth perspective is heard, and responded to, by government.

Energy and climate change minister Charles Hendry said: "This report by DECC’s Youth Panel is a remarkable piece of work which gives a fresh perspective on our energy policies."

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