MPs set to partake in depression survey

A study being carried out by former health minister Dr Dan Poulter and King’s College London will survey MPs on their mental health, asking questions about their sense of self-worth and drinking habits.

Researchers have said the study could establish if mental health issues are more prevalent among MPs than the general population.

The survey will be based on a standard psychiatric questionnaire and will ask MPs whether they feel they can face up to their problems, overcome difficulties or think of themselves as worthless.

Currently, Parliament spends £50,000 a year on a service for MPs at Westminster that can refer them for treatment.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4's Today, Dr Poulter: "A lot of MPs work away from their families and their homes, and have to live a life in two places. It's very much a life that is in the public domain and in the public glare.

"I have seen in my time in Parliament colleagues who clearly are struggling and finding difficulty and don't always know where to turn for help."