Exeter City Council carbon footprint reductions highlighted

A report going before Exeter City Council's Scrutiny Community Committee will highlight achievements of the Council's staff to reduce the local authority's carbon footprint.

Achievements include a 16 per cent reduction in mileage claims by staff and a 16 per cent reduction in diesel and petrol usage in Council vehicles due to increased use of biodiesel, more efficient vehicles and better route planning and a 5.4 per cent reduction in the Council’s carbon dioxide emissions since 2006/07.

Also, a 41 per cent reduction in waste going to landfill from the Civic Centre offices due to the introduction of new recycling facilities for staff, a 32 per cent reduction in water consumption at the Civic Centre due to installation of water saving technologies in washrooms and better monitoring of usage.

Achievements also include a 10 per cent reduction in electricity consumption at the Civic Centre due to energy saving lighting and technologies and a 21 per cent reduction in office paper consumption due to an increase in duplex printing and electronic forms of communication and data storage.

Further projects to reduce emissions further include a trial of eco-driver training for fleet drivers to reduce fuel consumption, increasing the use of biodiesel in Cleansing and Parks vehicles, installing solar panels on Council buildings to generate electricity and a trial of hydrogen hybrid technology in vehicles to reduce fuel use.

Also, installing energy saving technologies in Council buildings, including voltage reduction technology, energy efficient lighting and digital heating thermostats.

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