Key cities receive housing boost

A new multi-million pound deal to boost housing in key cities will provide more than 2,000 homes for private rent and create thousands of jobs.

Housing Minister Gavin Barwell announced that latest private rent deal will unlock £400 million of development and will grow the amount of good quality rental homes in the key cities of Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham.

The government’s new Home Building Fund will provide £45 million worth of funding. It is also hoped that the move will create up to 1,500 new construction jobs, on top of the estimated 2,062 rental homes.

The government’s £3 billion Home Building Fund aims to build more than 25,000 new homes this Parliament and up to 200,000 in the longer term.

Barwell said: “Alongside home ownership, we’re determined to create a bigger, better private rental market to offer greater choice for tenants in a country that works for everyone.

“This is one of the largest private rental sector deals in the UK and will not only create thousands of homes for people in Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester - it will create jobs and opportunities for many hundreds of people.”