Local communities pledge to fight dementia

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and the Alzheimer’s Society have signed a strategic plan to encourage local communities in their fight against dementia.

The two bodies have stated how parish and town councils have the potential skills and understanding to make their communities safer, more accessible and sustainable for all.

By signing up to the strategic plan, the NALC will work with county associations to help develop the necessary awareness, skills and understanding to recognise and support people living with dementia in local communities. The association will also support Alzheimer’s Society in their quest to develop more dementia-friendly communities and Dementia Friends in line with the Prime Minister’s Challenge on dementia.

Sue Baxter, chairman of NALC, commented: “NALC welcomes working more closely with Alzheimer’s Society in supporting the work of local councils in communities in helping to alleviate the effects of local people living with dementia. Over the last few months, everyone I have spoken to has been touched by dementia. We just want to make every town, village, city or neighbourhood a dementia friendly community like what is happening in many local council areas to enable people to live life to the full. Our ambition is to set up a dementia action alliance in every community. There is still a lack of understanding about dementia and this can lead to stigma along with people not seeking support or being aware that there is support out there.”