Xcomm – providing world-class enterprise solutions

Xcomm is a leading provider of network services, security services, and unified communications.  Our services are used by many well-known organisations to provide high quality, resilient cost-effective solutions to all market segments and industry types, both within the UK and overseas, from government departments, public utilities and healthcare to professional services and contact/call centres.

Working with the Public Sector
We are a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Network Services 3 (RM6116) Framework Lot4a for the supply of Analogue Telephony including connecting analogue telephony equipment with the public switched telephone network including voice connectivity, voice call packages, SIP (Session initiation protocol) trunks, DDI (Direct dialling in) number ranges,  equipment maintenance and support for legacy telephony estates. This makes us a trusted supplier of UK network services for public organisations.

High-end solutions
Xcomm is a leading provider of high end, bespoke unified communications solutions to many household names. Solutions include business-grade hosted telephony with seamless integration of desk phones and mobile phones and SIP Trunking.

Hosted Telephony
Xcomm’s business-grade hosted telephone service (using VoIP) revolutionises business communications. Xcomm’s Hosted Telephony converts voice into data, allowing business calls to be sent and received via an internet connection rather than traditional telephone and ISDN lines.

Xcomm’s Hosted Telephony offers many advantages for all public sector organisations, including:-

  • Significant savings in terms of reduced telecommunications infrastructure cost, monthly recurring fees and call charges
  • Excellent, reliable voice quality.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability.
  • Powerful functionality

SIP Trunking
SIP trunks are virtual phone lines delivered through the internet to an IP PBX or hosted telephony IP handsets. They’re a more flexible, lower cost alternative to ISDN for outbound and inbound voice calls connecting a PBX to the PSTN. As well as offering significant savings it is also quicker to install and provision and offers the flexibility and reliability today’s businesses have come to expect.

Xcomm provides a number of SIP trunk solutions, either via its SIP Trunk Plus platform, or directly via the Xcomm Hosted Telephony service.

Network services
Xcomm has a range of network options, from dedicated, uncontended leased lines up to 10Gbps to secure encrypted remote access with IPSec and SSL VPNs plus cost effective multi site-to-site routing via MPLS or SD-WAN technologies. And, a dedicated CWDM or DWDM connection is the solution if you want to build a network that is versatile and efficient.

Partnering with leading network hardware manufacturers, Cisco and Cisco Meraki, Xcomm as a Managed Service Provider deploys and provides services to customers via its Networks as a Service (NaaS) products. This ensures that you can get on with the day-to-day operation of the organisation, safe in the knowledge you have a fully managed network incorporating the latest networking products that power over 18,000 customer networks, including massive global deployments with tens of thousands of devices. You can also be confident you have the latest most secure security software running on your network, giving you peace of mind.

Security Services
X.COMM offers a broad range of secure remote access solutions, market-leading data protection products and related professional data security services – all designed to help your organisation safeguard its business processes and stay compliant with regulations and best practice.

Whether you’re a multi-site public sector organisation or you have a mobile workforce and a requirement to connect homeworkers, Xcomm supplies and integrates all the secure remote internet access technologies to make it happen, including leased circuits (dedicated internet access circuits with up to 10Gb of bandwidth or FTTP / SOGEA circuits, firewalls and MFA (multi-factor authentication) services.

Make the change now
In the next couple of years the UK’s telecoms networks will change massively, with BT shutting down its traditional phone lines in favour of internet-based systems.

BT will not provide ISDN and PSTN services in the UK past December 2025, pushing for all its business customers to make the move to VoIP and SIP solutions. After the switch off, all PSTN and ISDN services will cease to operate and there will be no maintenance available. BT has already stopped selling ISDN services and is doing the same for PSTN lines, meaning you can't upgrade any existing services using traditional phone lines.

As part of this transition from legacy systems to an Internet service, upgrading your current legacy hardware, including PBX’s, may also be something to consider. Many older phone systems in businesses today will need to be either replaced, upgraded or have additional components added to them to allow them to continue working over new IP Telephony lines (SIP Trunks).

Guidance from the X.COMM experts
The X.COMM team are experts in the network services field. We have a whole range of solutions to meet the needs of all public sector businesses. So why not take advantage of the ultimate in telecommunications solutions and embrace this change NOW.