Think Digital Infrastructure – Think Black Box

Local government organisations are currently faced with a challenging situation. On the one hand, budgetary constraints limit their ability to invest in new technologies and IT infrastructure; on the other hand, the need for collaboration among local governments, hybrid employees, and citizens, and the requirement to access and process vast amounts of data have made digital transformation more crucial than ever.

In order to navigate these unprecedented challenges, the use of technology is key. By leveraging modern IT advancements, local governments can achieve more with fewer resources and provide more personalised services to their citizens. These advancements enhance staff productivity and efficiency, enabling them to meet the demands of this ever-changing environment.

Reliable and secure wireless and wired infrastructure, integrated communications and collaboration, secure networks, and remote services – these are the hallmarks of modern local government IT infrastructure. The speed and delivery of public services improve significantly as large-scale digital innovations roll out with unprecedented speed. Modern technologies that have a direct impact on the network's utility form the basis of digital government today and in the future.

Advanced Technologies as Key to Tackling Digital Transformation Challenges

In today’s local government organisations, the need for suitable technology becomes evident to provide a seamless experience. Black Box offers a unique array of technology solutions, encompassing high-speed wireless connectivity in large and small buildings, streamlined Wi-Fi 6 connectivity between individual facilities and remote locations, the latest in unified communications and collaboration from five to five thousand lines, and cloud contact centre solutions for a better citizen experience.

Moreover, Black Box provides comprehensive consultancy, design, implementation, and managed IT services to help realise the digital vision. Our IT teams can handle everything from day-to-day maintenance to on-demand services, staff augmentation, and service desks, enabling in-house teams to focus on vital business objectives.

In-Building Wireless
Leveraging high-speed 5G / Private LTE, along with other networks, can formulate a strategy to fully support wireless connectivity – whether connecting substantial government structures or ensuring seamless communications in remote areas.

Structured Cabling
Black Box offers contemporary structured cabling solutions that guarantee the stability, efficiency, and scalability of data and communication networks. These cabling solutions provide robust support for the digital infrastructure. With our expertise and high-quality services, you can trust that your network will function smoothly and reliably.

Network Optimisation
Our network optimisation services empower teams to work and collaborate securely and seamlessly from anywhere and on any device – with no disruption. Network configurations are optimised to meet specific requirements.

Unified Communications
Effective communication stands as an essential for local governments. Black Box facilitates team connectivity and ensures resilience through cloud-based communication tools, covering meetings, video, chat, phone, and much more.

Contact Centre
Transforming the citizen experience requires expert guidance to establish exceptional, distinctive, and human connections. Our cloud-based contact centre solutions guarantee a superior customer experience, enabling seamless interactions with citizens.

Why Choose Black Box?

Our track record speaks volumes. Over nearly five decades, we have successfully collaborated with government agencies, local authorities, military services, healthcare organisations, and various educational institutions to implement cutting-edge data and communication network solutions. Our extensive experience has played a pivotal role in consistently delivering top-notch solutions that span a broad spectrum of areas, including networking, communications, collaboration, and security.

With a distinctive mix of cutting-edge technology solutions from leading vendors and full consultancy, design, implementation, and managed IT services, Black Box helps government organisations go digital and achieve their objectives. Leverage the wealth of knowledge gained from our 47 years in the public sector to deliver connected public services that not only reduce costs but also maximise available resources.

Black Box is the trusted partner that enables digital transformation and ensures effective service delivery at a time when local governments must balance operating within budget constraints with meeting rising citizen expectations. Together, we are paving the way for a more connected future for local communities across the UK.