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Database for Business Ltd (dbfb) are as one of the UK's leading business communications providers, specialising in connectivity, telephony, and IT solutions. With a 25-year legacy, we play a crucial role in ensuring seamless and secure communication across diverse organisations and sectors. Our experience and understanding of the demand in delivering more within lean budgets aligns with the unique standards of the government, ensuring reliability, data privacy, and efficient connectivity.

From high-speed data networks to encrypted voice communication, our telecom services cater to a range of needs, facilitating information exchange, effective collaboration, and informed decision-making. We proudly hold access on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Network Services 3 (NS3) framework, establishing us as a trusted telecom solutions provider for public sector organisations. As part of this agreement, we can provide services in three key areas:

RM6116 1a – WAN Data Access Services

RM6116 4a – Analogue Telephony

RM6116 4b – Digital Communications (Unified Comms)

At dbfb, our unmatched knowledge and collaborative spirit drive us to provide businesses, government bodies, and partners with an elevated communications experience that propels the UK's digital future.

WAN Data Access Services
WAN Data Access Services redefine modern enterprise connectivity by extending secure, high-speed data access across dispersed locations, fostering seamless communication and resource sharing. This empowers multi-branch interconnectivity, remote work facilitation, and real-time data availability, forming the bedrock of streamlined operations and informed decision-making. Enhanced data security, scalability, and adaptability empower organisations to fully leverage their network infrastructure's potential, driving efficiency, collaboration, and growth.

Our robust WAN Data Access solutions, tailored to intricate connectivity needs, employ cutting-edge tech and a comprehensive network. By employing MPLS, SD-WAN, and secure VPNs, we ensure optimised data transfer, reliable connectivity, and peak network performance. Committed to top-tier security and reliability, we equip businesses with the tools to enable consistent and efficient WAN Data Access, empowering critical functions.

Analogue telephony
Delivering exceptional analogue telephony services tailored to Enterprise communication needs, we leverage advanced infrastructure and extensive network coverage for reliable, high-quality voice communication solutions.

With a focus on seamless connectivity, crystal-clear call clarity, and minimal disruptions, dbfb Communications facilitates uninterrupted business conversations. Through state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we provide efficient analogue telephony services that integrate effortlessly with your existing communication systems.

Committed to meeting the demands of modern businesses, dbfb Communications ensure that businesses can depend on their analogue telephony services for consistent, secure, and effective communication.

Digital Communications
Digital Communications (Unified Communications) introduces a transformative solution for the public sector, seamlessly integrating diverse communication channels into a unified platform.

Empowering public sector businesses with effortless engagement, this integration bolsters productivity, enabling seamless transitions between communication modes regardless of location or device. The outcome is a streamlined, efficient collaboration process that aligns perfectly with the evolving demands of modern public service.

By integrating diverse communication tools into a unified platform, government entities can seamlessly collaborate using features like voice, video, messaging, and document sharing. This promotes efficient communication, productivity, and informed decision-making across devices and locations, including remote work setups. Robust encryption and authentication mechanisms prioritise data security while offering advanced analytics to improve efficiency, coordination, and data protection adherence mandated for the government.

In summary, our solutions are designed to be highly resilient and scalable, ensuring they meet your organisation's needs both now and in the future.

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