Localising power and funding has the potential to unseal £80bn

The LGA further counselled that the ‘local people will know best how to spend money and run services’.

In its submission to The Spending Review, the LGA outlined various proposals, including the recommendation of a devolution of over £60 billion to local governments to enable development in digital connectivity, transport and skills.

Cllr Gary Porter, chairman of the LGA, advises that now is 'time to spend smarter' with a 'much more effective and efficient approach to investing local growth'.

He said: “Decades of centralised control over funding for local growth have failed to produce a more balanced economy. The ability to improve transport links and digital connectivity would allow councils to boost out visitor economy which is worth £60 billion to the UK each year and supports one in 10 jobs.

“An integrated transport system would also lead to less congestion, giving more choice to commuters and consumers and making a huge difference to helping businesses succeed and grow”.

The LGA proposes that localising power and funding to local education centres will allow establishments to access the high demand skilled workforces and prevent growing skills gaps. Additionally, the LGA counsels that because local governors are familiar with their local economies, they better understand what is required to remove the obstacles that are hindering productivity and growth.

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