Shadow cabinet reshuffle following EU vote

Brexit has already caused drastic change within the Labour party, with leader Jeremy Corbyn having to undertake a quick shadow cabinet reshuffle following mass resignations.

Following Corbyn’s decision to sack shadow foreign secretary Hillary Benn on Sunday 26 June, key figures such as Lord Falconer, the shadow justice secretary, Heidi Alexander, the shadow health secretary, Lucy Powell, the shadow education secretary, and Lillian Greenwood, the shadow transport secretary handed in their resignations from the shadow cabinet.

Yvonne Forvague, Anna Turley and Diana Johnson have also stepped down, offering a lack of faith on Corbyn’s leadership abilities in light of the challenge presented by the referendum vote.

Deputy leader Tom Watson has controversially urged Corbyn to consider his position, saying he has 'no authority' having lost the trust and support of his MPs, and faces a 'bruising' leadership challenge.

Corbyn has issued his regret over the resignations but pledged to stand in any new leadership election and continue in his role amid rumours of a no confidence motion against him.

He said: "Those who want to change Labour's leadership will have to stand in a democratic election, in which I will be a candidate.”

The new shadow cabinet includes Diane Abbott as shadow health secretary, Emily Thornberry as shadow foreign secretary, Pat Glass as shadow education secretary and Clive Lewis as shadow defence secretary.