Glasgow to end plastic straw use

Glasgow City Council is to stop using plastic straws and switch to more eco-friendly options in a bid to prevent tens of thousands of plastic straws a year going to landfill.

Following a campaign from Sunnyside Primary School in Craigend, Encore, the council's commercial catering division, will no longer provide straws with customers' drinks and people who ask for one, will receive an eco-friendly alternative. The use of pre-packaged drinks supplied with plastic straws will also be reviewed to see if more environmentally friendly options are feasible.

Anna Richardson, Convenor for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, said: "I'm delighted to announce that single use plastic straws will not be on offer in all council-run cafes and restaurants from the end of February and that they will be replaced by eco-friendly alternatives.

“Sunnyside Primary School's #NaeStrawAtAw campaign has been the deciding factor in this move and the pupils are to be congratulated on their impressive lobbying skills. They are a true force of nature - highlighting the plight of marine wildlife and encouraging businesses to join their campaign. It is an absolutely pleasure to announce Glasgow City Council's backing for the campaign which will help protect our marine environment for wildlife and future generations."