First council houses in Gateshead for 30 years

Gateshead Council has given the green light to the building of the first new council houses to be designed and built by the council for 30 years.

Local councillors have agreed to a range of proposals to design and build homes for both sale and rent on a variety of council-owned sites across the borough. The proposals include seven new homes for rent in Dunston, the first new council homes to be built in three decades, and an additional 14 new homes on three different sites, set to be constructed in early 2018.

Councillors also agreed to the development of 36 new family homes on the former Lyndhurst Secondary School site on Beacon Lough Road.

Gateshead Council is aiming to build 11,000 new homes in Gateshead by 2030 and is working on a range of options to meet this target.

Malcolm Brain, cabinet member for Housing, said: “The need for new affordable housing has been recognised as a major priority by everyone in the housing sector and I am proud and excited that Gateshead Council is stepping up to the plate and playing its part in improving our housing stock.”

“To commit ourselves to delivering our first new council homes in almost 30 years is an exciting step, and an important one in helping to meet our area’s demand for housing. It’s clear that we can’t rely solely on the private sector to deliver what’s needed. We need to tackle this problem ourselves. Today’s decision represents an exciting new direction for the council. I’m confident we have what it takes to really make a difference to people’s lives.”