Speeding fines for most serious cases to rise

A review of sentencing guidelines by the Sentencing Council has directed that speeding fines for the most serious cases in England and Wales are set to rise by 50 per cent.

The review means that a driver caught doing 41mph in a 20mph zone, or 101mph on a motorway, could be fined 150 per cent of their weekly income, an increase from a maximum charge of 100 per cent.

It listed the most serious cases of speeding as 20mph speed limit; 41mph and above recorded speed of driver; 30mph travelling at 51mph +; 40mph travelling at 66mph +; 50mph travelling at 76-85 +; 60mph travelling at 91mph +; and 70mph travelling at 101mph +.

Statistics show that 166,695 people in England and Wales were sentenced for speeding offences in 2015 and 166,216 were fined.

The review of guidelines was launched after feedback indicated that current guidelines ‘did not properly take into account the increase in potential harm that can result as speed above the speed limit increases’.

Malcolm Richardson, national chairman of the Magistrates Association, commented: “These new guidelines will further help ensure the consistent effectiveness of the magistracy.”