100,000 more properties better protected against flooding

Since April 2015, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and the Environment Agency have seen 350 new flood schemes built, which is now offering flood protection to 100,000 more properties.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove is due to open a new £12 million flood defence scheme in Dawlish Warren, Devon, which uses top engineering techniques and the natural landscape to reduce flood risk, while also conserving habitat for birds and wildlife. Gove is also expected to announce a £12 million scheme in Exmouth, which will begin in the new year.

Emma Howard Boyd, chair of the Environment Agency, said: “We have made great progress in the last two years to reduce flood risk around the country and this milestone of 100,000 homes better protected shows how far we’ve come. These new schemes at Dawlish Warren and Exmouth are brilliant examples of how the Environment Agency’s teams continue to work hard to benefit local communities. In addition to building new defences, this winter we are better prepared than ever before to respond if flooding occurs with new equipment, better technology and more than 6,500 trained staff ready to act.”

Discussing the work in Dawlish Warren, Gove said: “Our £2.6 billion investment programme is well underway, with 100,000 more properties already better protected from flooding and that figure set to triple in under four years. Dawlish Warren is only one of 350 new defences built since 2015 and work continues on schemes across the country – all of which are helping to bring peace of mind to communities, as well as investment and opportunities.”