Wales spending more on key public services

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has welcomed official figures which show Wales continues to invest more in key public services than other parts of the UK.

The Treasury figures highlight that health spending in Wales was £2,402 per person in 2018-19, which is six per cent higher than in England and £91 more per person compared to the previous year.

The figures show that spending on health and social services combined has increased by 4.6 per cent in Wales – an increase of £134 on the previous year. Spending on health and social services per person in Wales is the highest of the four UK countries and some 11 per cent higher than in England (an extra £294).

According to the Country and Regional Analysis 2018-19 figures, spending on education in Wales is also comfortably higher than it is in England. Spend per person in Wales stands at £1,365 – £73 more than in England.

Drakeford said: “These figures show we are continuing to protect frontline services against the worst impacts of the UK government’s ongoing policy of austerity. Investing in our NHS and social services is at the heart of our spending plans and these  figures show our commitment to provide the best care for people across Wales. The investment we make in education is a sign of our determination to provide a system in Wales which gives children the best start in life.”