£1.5 million for 20mph roads in Somerset

Ambitious plans to keep children safe by installing an advisory 20mph zone outside every school in Somerset have been announced.

Somerset County Council has committed £1.5 million to tackle speeding by rolling out a programme of advisory 20mph zones across the county. The zone will predominantly be outside half the county’s schools, with the rest to follow in future years. The programme will be rolled out in discussion with individual schools.

Reducing vehicle speeds increases safety because: the vehicle has travelled less distance before the driver can react to a hazard; braking distance is reduced, so the vehicle can stop more quickly; a slower moving vehicle will exert less energy on occupants of a vehicle during a crash; and a slower moving vehicle will transfer less energy to a pedestrian in the event of a collision.

The programme will also be supported by Bikeability and road safety training for schools and young people.

David Fothergill, leader of Somerset County Council, said: “Every year I know all councillors receive complaints about speeding cars outside our County’s schools. This is not acceptable and I’m absolutely delighted to say that we have set aside £1.5 million to start a programme to bring in advisory 20mph zones outside all schools in Somerset to improve lives for our children.”