Aberdeen joins network to tackle homelessness

Aberdeen City Council is one of four local authorities joining a new collaborative network to support local government innovators across the UK in tackling homelessness.

The Centre for Homelessness Impact have created the What Works Community to support local areas to improve their response to homelessness issues using robust evidence and data. The What Works Community evidence accelerator programme will provide a space for leading councils to develop ideas, network with peers and receive world-class guidance on improving their homelessness service by reducing local reliance on placing people who are homeless in temporary accommodation.

Each of the participating local authorities will look at how the reduction of temporary accommodation usage can provide better outcomes for the people experiencing homelessness in their area. With expert guidance, each local authority will come up with a unique solution, tailored to the needs of their specific community.

Sandra Macdonald, Aberdeen City Council’s housing spokeswoman said: “We have joined the What Works Community as part of a strong commitment to reduce homelessness, and the use of temporary accommodation, across Aberdeen.

“We believe that everyone in Aberdeen deserves to live in good quality sustainable homes, which they can afford and that meet their needs. Whilst we have been refining our services and are already seeing improvements, there is still work to be done if we are to move towards an end to homelessness in our area. We are excited to take this opportunity to focus on the evidence of what works and develop positive outcomes, designed with our local community in mind.”