BT must place more investment in business, MPs say

A report conducted by MPs on the Culture Media and Sport Committee has called on BT to increase its investment in the business and improve services.

The telecoms company is responsible for a large majority of the UK’s broadband and been warned that the ‘shortfall in investment’ could run into hundreds of million of pounds per year.

The report accused the company of making decisions that favoured its own priorities and interests highlighting that it had been ‘over-earning’ in its Openreach programme, with investment having barely increased since 2009.

MPs have warned that if BT does not comply with the reports recommendations, the group would consider the prospect of splitting Openreach from the company.

The committee said that BT appeared to be ‘deliberately investing in higher-risk, higher-return assets such as media properties, and not investing in profitable lower risk infrastructure and services through Openreach.’

BT has rejected the allegation that it had under-invested, but agreed there was room for improvement in its provision of customer services.