Scheme to provide free central heating in Birmingham

A scheme is now available to Birmingham residents to install central heating for free into fuel poor and vulnerable homes.

Supported by Birmingham City Council, the Connected for Warmth scheme aims are to reduce bills, increase comfort in non-gas households, and improve health outcomes for residents.

It is estimated that across Birmingham, more than 8,000 homes are without central heating and are unable to heat their home to the temperature needed to stay healthy and warm.

Available until 2021, Connected for Warmth is funded by the Warm Homes Fund, a £150 million national fund provided by National Grid. The scheme is run locally by AgilityEco in partnership with Birmingham City Council, installers and housing associations across the Cadent Gas area.

Sharon Thompson, cabinet member for homes and neighbourhoods, said, “Heating is a basic human need that you just don’t expect people in Birmingham to be without. However, that’s the stark reality that thousands of families across our city are facing and it’s our most vulnerable citizens who are being affected. We’re hoping that through Connected for Warmth, as many Birmingham residents as possible can take advantage of this fantastic free service and help to get them out of fuel poverty.”