South Northamptonshire joins MetalMatters scheme

South Northamptonshire council has announced that it has joined the ‘MetalMatters’ communications initiative to promote the recycling of metal packaging to householders.

The programme works with local authorities and waste collectors, and will see the council distributing information leaflets to 38,000 households in the area detailing the importance of including used metal packaging in their blue recycling bin and a series roadshows across the district.

Dermot Bambridge, portfolio holder for environmental services, said: “Over a year, the average household uses approximately 600 food tins, 380 drink cans, 27 aerosols and 182 foil trays. Every metal can that is recycled saves enough energy to power a television for four hours. By recycling all the metal packaging used in South Northamptonshire each year would save around 1,220 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to taking over 260 cars off local streets for a year and helping the environment.”

The MetalMatters programme, launched in 2010 in a bid to promote metal packaging recycling, has seen its campaigns delivered in 73 local authority areas across the UK, directly targeting over 4.4 million households.

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