Rural areas affected by patchy service provision, study finds

New research from Rural England has highlighted that rural communities are suffering from a ‘patchy’ provision of key services and has called for more to be done to fill the gaps.

The research examined the state of services, including education, transport, health and welfare - being delivered to the residents living in rural regions of England.

The study found that more than three fifths of pupils in England’s rural areas cannot reach a secondary school by public transport or on foot in a ‘reasonable’ travel time, while only 30 per cent of village households are within 2.5 miles of a bank or building society.

Margaret Clark, who chairs Rural England’s stakeholder group, said: ‘The State of Rural Services 2016 Report collates and lays out recent evidence about the provision of services to residents and businesses in rural England, with worrying findings across transport, education, social care and retail. When it comes to access to further education and skills development, rural areas are suffering due to difficulties and poor transport services.”