Anglesey Council to suspend right-to-buy council homes

Anglesey Council has become the latest Welsh local authority to stop tenants buying their own council houses.

Communities Secretary Carl Sargeant has confirmed that he has agreed to allow the council to suspend the right-to-buy scheme to ‘ensure homes are available to those who need them’ and to ‘help them deal with the pressure their social housing is facing’.

Anglesey Council has claimed nearly half of its housing stock has been sold under the scheme, leaving it with fewer than 4,000 properties.

The council will join Swansea and Carmarthenshire which have already been granted the power to halt sales in order to protect their housing stock.

The news comes as Welsh ministers are planning to introduce a law to abolish right-to-buy across Wales over the next year.

Sergeant added: “Legislating to end the right-to-buy is the only sure way to prevent this and give social landlords the confidence to invest in building more of the affordable homes Wales needs.”