Welsh Assembly Government launch new Energy Policy Statement

The Welsh Assembly Government have launched their new Energy Policy Statement: A Low Carbon Revolution.

The policy statement outlines how Wales can potentially produce twice the amount of electricity it currently uses through renewable sources by 2025.

It sets out a three tiered approach which focuses on maximising energy savings and  efficiency, moving to resilient low carbon electricity production via secure indigenous renewable forms of energy such as marine,  wind, water and biomass, and ensuring that the transition to low carbon energy maximises opportunities for practical green jobs and skills.

Environmet Minister Jane Davidson said: "The Energy Statement details how  Wales has the potential to produce twice the amount of electricity it currently uses from renewable sources  by 2025 – with about 40 per cent coming from Marine, a third from wind and the rest from sustainable bio-mass power or smaller projects using wind, solar, hydro or indigenous biomass."

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