Communities to get planning powers to shape neighbourhood

A consultation has been published for new planning powers which give communities the ability to shape the character of their neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Planning will allow local people to to have their say on the location of new homes, the design of buildings, the shops they want to see in the High Street, and the green spaces that should be protected.

The new powers being introduced in the Localism Bill will also give local people the power to decide the types of development that can be granted automatic planning permission, through a Neighbourhood Development Order.

The regulations being published for consultation make clear how a neighbourhood area will be defined, how to set up the forums that will propose plans, and will also outline the requirements for establishing a Neighbourhood Development Order.

Decentralisation Minister Greg Clark said: "Communities will be able to shape their own vision for the future as they see fit."

"They will be able to protect what makes their town or village special, including green spaces, and have their say on the design and location of new homes."

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