Councils receive £200,000 for ‘Delivering Differently for Young People programme

Six local authorities are set to receive a share of £200,000 worth of funding for youth services as part of the Delivering Differently for Young People programme.

Of the 23 local authorities that applied for the funding, the Cabinet Office selected: Brighton and Hove, Devon, Hartlepool, Lewisham, St Helens and Trafford. Each of the selected councils were chosen for their commitment to finding new approaches to provide youth services in a creative and innovative fashion.

Each of the areas will be given the option to ‘spin out’ services in staff-led mutuals or establish independent youth trusts or join ventures with private, voluntary and community sector organisations.

The local authorities will work closely with the Cabinet Office to agree upon the support needed to implement a new youth service delivery model.

Rob Wilson, minister for Civil Society, said: “This funding will help local authorities provide youth services in more effective ways, inspiring them to find better ways of delivering more within their budgets."