Greater Manchester declares a climate emergency

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) has declared a climate emergency, stressing that urgent action is needed to put Greater Manchester on a path to carbon neutrality by 2038.

The combined authority launched a five-year Environmental Plan in March and is now saying that the impacts of global temperature rise above 1.5°C are so severe that governments at all levels must work together and make this their top priority.

As such, Andy Burnham, thee Mayor of Greater Manchester, now intends to write to the Prime Minister to inform the government that the GMCA has declared a climate emergency. The motion states that the GMCA will ‘take a mission-based approach to achieving this target date as part of the Local Industrial Strategy agreed with government’ and to ensure that GMCA ‘maximises the economic opportunities presented by the move to carbon neutrality’.

The city region’s bold ambition is to be carbon-neutral by 2038, 12 years’ ahead of the government’s own target, but behind many other regions who have set a target of carbon neutrality by 2030.

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