Over 314,000 homes better protected from flood risk

A £2.6 billion, six-year programme of work dedicated to improving flood and coastal defences has exceeded its original targets by 14,000.

The government says that over 850 new flood and coastal erosion defence projects have been completed since 2015. Over 580,000 acres of agricultural land, as well as thousands of businesses, communities and major infrastructure – including more than 8,000 kilometres of roads – also benefited from improvement schemes.

Analysis in a new report shows that this work is estimated to have reduced national flood risk by five per cent. Data also suggests that Defra’s capital investment programme from 2015-2021 has also saved the economy more than £28 billion in avoided damages to properties, businesses and more over the lifetime of these defence assets over the last six years.

Defra’s final post-programme assessment shows that the original commitment of 300,000 homes was revised upwards by more than 4.5 per cent after extra funding was allocated across the period.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said: “Our programme of work has protected over 314,000 properties, defending people, communities, and businesses from flooding and coastal erosion. We know that there is still more to do, so we are doubling our investment with a record £5.2 billion over the next six years.”

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