Health sector urged to reduce senior management pay

Health bosses have been counselled to show ‘restraint’ when managing senior management pay, after new research has revealed more than 50,0000 employees receive over £100,000 in pay in 2013/14. 

The second edition to the Public Sector Rich list, published by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, found 50,137 staff at NHS organisations and GPs received a salary greater than £100,000 - 2,381 of which were in non-clinical roles. 

Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the TPA, said: “No one begrudges paying doctors and nurses well for the tough jobs that they do, but it’s galling to see bosses at failing hospitals continuing to rake in the cash. It’s an insult to taxpayers, but it’s even worse for the patients who have suffered because of mismanagement, and worse.

“The rewards-for-failure culture is rife in the NHS and it must be stamped out as a matter of urgency."

The research has arisen following the publication of the Town Hall Rich List, which revealed nearly 3,500 senior council staff earned more that £1,000,000 annually.