Councils receive £2m to improve roads

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced a £2 million fund for councils to capitalise on emerging technologies and deliver better journeys for motorists.

The DfT has invited local authorities to apply for a share of the money, which will be used to develop projects to greatly enhance journeys.

The plan also involves using technology that will allow vehicles to communicate with each other and roadside sensors to provide the drivers with real-time traffic information. Councils will examine how warnings about changing weather and traffic conditions can be sent directly to vehicles, helping driver to plan ahead better.

Roads Minister Andrew Jones commented: “I want to deliver better, more enjoyable journeys and this £2 million fund will help councils invest in new technology to enhance the experience of driving.

“Britain has a proud history of innovation and I am delighted that councils will be able to use this money to develop systems to make journeys easier and safer.”

Councils across England will have until the end of September to apply for the funding, with bids expected to range between £30,000 and £300,000.