The Student Switch Off campaign encourages students to save energy

Students across 33 universities are being encouraged to reduce their carbon emissions by the Student Switch Off campaign.

The savings have been brought about largely due to the actions of the 11,300 Eco-Power Rangers students in halls at the participating universities, who have been switching off lights and appliances when not in use and not overfilling their kettles, and encouraging friends to do the same.

During the first term of the campaign, electricity usage in the halls reduced by an average of 8.0 per cent, which saved over 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and over £150,000.
Eco-Power Rangers are rewarded for their good work over the course of the year, with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, energy saving gadgets and tickets to nights out at their respective student unions.

The campaign continues until the end of the academic year when the best hall at each university is rewarded with a party to celebrate their success.

National Coordinator of the campaign Neil Jennings said: "I’ve been really impressed by the enthusiasm that students across the country have shown in getting involved."

"It provides a heartening example of the responsible attitude the next generation of young adults have towards our environment."
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