SLGP warns over council funding cuts

The Scottish Local Government Partnership (SGLP) has urged the Scottish government to act over the impact of council funding cuts.

Frank McAveety, head of the SGLP has argued that some local services will no longer be provided at an acceptable standard.

Meanwhile, he highlighted that Glasgow, Aberdeen, South Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire councils, which are represented by the SGLP, had budget gaps of £74 million, £44 million, £35 million and £31 million respectively.

The news comes after the local government revenue settlement fell by £349 million in cash terms (3.6 per cent) in 2016-17, meaning a reduction of £507 million (5.2 per cent) in real terms once inflation is taken into account.

Speaking at a meeting of Holyrood's local government committee, McAveety said: "There will be cases I think within the next three years where councils will have to sit down and think there might be some services they can no longer provide to the level that would be expected by any taxpayer.

"That's a real challenge and everybody in government has to wake up to that, and if I hear again that this is going to lead to modest changes that won't really impact on services, I think they are kidding themselves on."

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